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Hello everyone, Corintio here!

Just passing by to say that we are still working on the back end to bring you a much better experience while playing our game. I'm already doing some tests with the new Karnstein Legion armour and I'm speechless with how good things are coming along!

In terms of FPS? Even though we are running a more updated engine, we managed to decrease A LOT of the memory bloat that the game was causing.

When we feel closer to a release in Unreal 5, we will make version 0.24 available to the public, including one or two tweaks that we learned we could have made to improve the performance back then.

I can't wait to share with you a little more about the changes we'll be making in the combat during May. Also.. uh.. how do you guys feel about us adding some GORE to the game's combat? I mean heads and blood flying around as you swing your sword against your enemies? 👀




Ok for gore !


I am using the latest version available for download. I am running steadily at 198fps, great. But the game is lagging terribly as if I am running at 20fps.