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Hello everyone, Corintio here!

I'm very excited to bring you a few more images of how the first area of our test demo in Unreal Engine 5 is coming along, and also to say that starting next month, we'll begin to bring the combat to a whole new level!

We spent a lot of time designing and exchanging ideas on how to make the combat more satisfying so that you not only feel like a vampire but also can use Kalyskah's full potential of mixing her magic with meele attacks. I won't go too deep into it before I have a video because it's better to show and not tell this type of thing.

This month our animator Sergey will create some placeholder animations and then on the next month, our programmer Henrique and I will travel to São Paulo (Brazil) and record new and improved animations, tailored to how we want Kalyskah to fight, and also a few more emotes for us to use in dialogues.

To give you some context, our programmer was once in third place in the Brazilian Kendo tournament, and he also has training in European sword-fighting (which is more of the style we want for Kalyskah to fight).

So hold on to your seats and you can expect that more or less around May, what we'll bring to you will be on a whole different level than anything you've ever seen from us!

None of that would be possible if not for the support you've given us during all this time, and how every single one of our patrons has helped us to keep the flame alive. So again, thank you!

Also...  If you can raise your pledge even if only for this or the next month, we could really use it because the animations we'll record on the mocap studio have been planned based on our current budget, and if we get a larger budget we can hire an actress to play Kalyskah on the mocap studio and invest it on improving more cutscenes instead of recording just the combat animations, which would speed up the process to get our demo done.




ooh HEMA , cant wait to see what you use for the combat animations.


Me neither, I can only tell that there will be some a better synergy between combat, magic and Kalyskah's tendency!