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Hello everyone, Corintio here!

Sorry for being quiet for the past few days, while the team is preparing everything for the demo, both the big one planned for May and the sneak peek we plan to release this month, I've been going to an event here in Brazil. There I'm discussing something very exciting with the sculptor Eddie Vieira: A statue of Kalyskah!

(Romanelli, left, one of our programmers and me on the right)

There were several tests of poses, and honestly, Eddie is still making some small adjustments, but I've gone personally to check how it is coming along.  The pictures attached to the post are the rough draft that we did just to test the silhouette and also the scale. After this round of feedback, it will be discarded so he can work on what will become our matrix sculpture.

To offer you some context, this is the idea: Kalyskah with a smirk while she points forward and summons Gremmnoch... YES! This creature that you see here is the early stage of the improvement we aim to bring to the boss of the first dungeon from the legacy demo, and also that big flesh dog that sleeps  in the temple in the prologue version:

We will have both a nude and dressed version of this statue for you!

Also, today is 10th of March, which is Kalysakh's canon birthday date, wish a happy birthday to our vampire lady!

Soon we'll bring you an exciting roadmap of what we plan to do on our rework of the combat system and news about the sneak peek of Unreal Engine 5 that we plan to release this month to our patrons! 

Thank you very much and I hope you like it!




Happy birthday to the beautiful Lady Karnstein!!

Martin Jefferdson

So, this will be a buyable merch item? Will it be painted? :)