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[Fairy Tail Lucy mass twinning, FTF/MTF TGTF, identity death, mind fuckery, assimilation]

The reflection in Lucy’s mirror was stunning: a beautiful woman with blonde hair pulled into a tail on the side of her head winked back at the observer as she struck a bold pose. Lucy Heartfilia’s reflection wore the same sleeveless blue shirt, black arm warmer on her left arm, short white skirt, tall brown thigh boots, and matching satchel as her - albeit mirrored, of course.

“‘Oh Lucy, you’re simply glowing today!’ ‘Why thank you Lucy, you look quite magnificent yourself!'” She playfully conversed with herself, then sighed. “Oh, it’ll never happen for real…”

The Celestial Spirit Mage fantasised of a world where she was everyone, and everyone was her; where the land was brimming with other Lucy Heartfilias who shared her looks, her interests, her desires, and even her mind. But that, of course, was impossible.

“‘See you tonight, Lucy~’ ‘You can count on it, Lucy~’”

After blowing a kiss to her mirror, Lucy stepped out of her room to find that Natsu had once again invited himself into her house. The Dragonslayer was scarfing down some food he found in Lucy’s fridge.

“Oh, hey Lucy! You’re finally awake!”

“Don’t you ever hang out someplace else!?” Lucy yelled.

“I spent the night in Gray’s living room one time, but when Juvia walked out she screamed and Gray turned me into a popsicle. I mean can you believe that guy? He got one sucker punch in before I was even ready and now he thinks I lost a fight to him!”


“Alright, alright! But hurry up, we’ve got a big job ahead of us today!” Natsu said as he walked out.

Lucy simply shook her head and sighed, then pulled her newest gate key from her bag.

“Open Gate of the Genie!”

Ding, dong!

In a poof of pink smoke, a voluptuous genie spirit appeared before Lucy. Her hair was a dark, sparkling violet sea flowing down her back, and her pink clothing was made of light, elegant fabric that seemingly floated in the air.

“Well hello there~” She said with a mature, sultry voice. “You must be my new summoner. I trust you are aware that I do not abide by the usual type of contract we Celestial Spirits make with wizards?”

“Well, the person I got it from said you’d only grant one wish.”

“Correct. Our contract will be made as follows: you make a wish, I grant your wish, and then my key is destroyed. A new key will appear somewhere in the world, but you will almost certainly never see it, or me, again. Now, what is your wish?” The genie asked.

“I wish…” Lucy’s thoughts wandered to her closest friends. Despite the fact that she cared for them dearly, they sure could be inconsiderate a lot of the time. “I wish people would see things my way for a change.”

The genie snapped her fingers, sending a slight ripple through the fabric of space. “As you command.”

And with that, as quickly as she appeared, the genie vanished and her gate key disintegrated into fine dust.

“Ahhh… That’s already a weight off my shoulders! Hopefully Natsu won’t just barge into my house like that anymore. Hmm… And maybe Erza will finally ask me out…”

Without lingering further, Lucy left her house, locked up, and made her way to catch up with Natsu.

“Heya Lucy!” Natsu called as his friend approached from down the street.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” Lucy replied.

Natsu placed a hand on Lucy’s shoulder when she arrived beside him. “What took you so long?”

“I just summoned a new spirit whose key I got the other day.”

“Ooh, what’d you wish for? Was it a big feast for the entire guild?”

“As if I’d wish for something that simple. And besides, if I tell you it might not come true!”

“Aww, come on buddy, I was just being friendly! That’s not how that spirit’s contract works anyway. The wish is her contract no matter what!”

“Huh?” Lucy’s eyes widened. “Wait a minute, how did you know that? I didn’t tell anyone who that spirit was! And I didn’t even know the details of her contract until ten minutes ago!”

Natsu paused to rub his chin. “Hmm, now that you mention it, I don’t know how I know. Oh well, how about we go pick up the newest edition of Sorcerer Magazine? I want to see if you’re the one they chose for the cover!”

“But that’s what I was going to say… And hey, since when have you cared about Sorcerer Magazine?” Lucy asked skeptically.

“Oh come on, Lucy! Can’t a gal be curious if her friend is on the cover of her favourite magazine?” Natsu’s voice cracked as its pitch began to rise and his bright pink hair began to turn blonde at its roots.

“Uhhh… Natsu? Are you feeling ok?”

Natsu didn’t respond.

“Hey, Natsu!” Lucy shook Natsu by the shoulders.

“Woah! Oh, sorry, I forgot that was my name for a second! Or… I think it’s my name…”

Lucy’s pupils dilated as she was hit with a realisation.

“My wish! It was my wish! You’re becoming me! Hee hee hee! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! It’s finally happening!” Lucy cheered.

“Ughhh… My head feels weird…” Natsu said wearily, his voice growing ever closer to that of Lucy. “M-memories… I have new… memories?”

“Hee hee! You’ll make a fantastic me, Lucy~

As Natsu held his head tighter, more changes began all over his body. His muscular arms and legs lost mass, becoming thinner and softer. His simple black eyes shifted to a beautiful brown hue. His clothes started to reshape and recolour themselves: his black top gained a blue hue as its one sleeve detached and became an arm warmer; his baggy white pants receded towards his waist, becoming a short skirt; his simple sandals became little brown booties, then ankle boots, then knee boots, and finally thigh boots; and his favourite white scarf dropped to his waist and became a satchel just like Lucy’s. But perhaps most telling, the red Fairy Tail guild mark on his deltoid muscle began to fade away, and a new pink one appeared on his right hand!

“Mmm, I think my style suits you better, wouldn’t you agree, Lucy?~” Lucy smirked.

Then, Lucy suddenly grabbed her head, too - not out of pain, merely out of shock. Her mind felt like it had been opened to a whole new world. She felt connected to Natsu in a way she never dreamed possible. She felt Natsu’s mind as if it were her own.

“L-Lucy…” Natsu said, his voice now identical to Lucy’s.

“Oh now we’re talking! Doesn’t it feel so much better the more like me you become?~”

Now that Natsu’s hair was completely blonde, it began to lengthen and style itself to match Lucy’s cute side tail. His face reshaped itself, smoothing out as his nose shrunk a little and his eyes grew rounder. Natsu was almost a complete duplicate of Lucy now, save for his cock tenting his little skirt.

“I’m… I’m Lucy!” Natsu said as the last of his identity was overwritten with Lucy’s.

The new Lucy raised her gaze and saw the original Lucy with new eyes. Her dick throbbed at the sight of herself standing before her - except now it wasn’t in the mirror!

‘You’re me now, Lucy~’ The new Lucy heard in her mind.

‘Oh my gosh, I am!’ The original Lucy heard in her mind.

‘And we can hear each other’s thoughts?’ They both thought in unison. ‘No… They’re the same thoughts. Natsu didn’t just become a copy of me, he became me! He became one with me! Now, we’re both Lucy together!’

Lucy could see the world through two pairs of eyes and feel from two separate bodies. She had become a hivemind.

‘My dream came true! I can turn people into me! I can be everyone~’

Both Lucys slid their hands under their belts, but only one of them had a clitoris to pleasure.

“This transformation can’t finish soon enough! Get this dick off me already! I want to be a perfect Lucy in body and mind!” The Lucy that used to be Natsu cried. "I feel so dysphoric! I need to be me!"

“If touching you is what transformed you, then maybe…” The original Lucy said, then leapt on her almost-twin. “...a bit more touching is in order~”

The original Lucy slid down the new one’s skirt and grabbed her girlcock in one hand. With her other hand, she gently slid the new Lucy's balls up inside her and pressed her fingers into her scrotum. Painlessly, the former dragonslayer’s genitals reconfigured themselves to match the original Lucy’s. Her testicles slid further inside her and became ovaries, followed soon by the formation of a womb, a vaginal canal, and labia lips. Her shaft receded, her glans reformed into an adorable little clitoris, and finally, fuzzy blonde pubes grew to complete her transformation.

Natsu was no more. Though his memories were absorbed into the hive mind’s collective consciousness, the body that used to belong to the fearsome, draconic man was now an identical duplicate of Lucy. No, she wasn’t just a body double: both Lucys were truly the same person in body, mind, and soul.

“A-ah!! Oh gods yes! This is what I’ve always dreamt of!” One of the Lucys cried.

“This is already better than I ever imagined!” The other Lucy added.

It didn’t matter which Lucy was which now. Both of them needily pressed their bodies against each other and began making out. Their perfect, soft lips interlocked in the greatest kisses they’d ever experienced. One Lucy groped the other’s delicate breasts while the other serviced the first’s dripping pussy. Their every movement was perfectly in sync, their every breath precisely timed. Each knew how to pleasure the other just right.

Every touch was euphoric beyond words. As their panties grew damper and their breaths grew shallower, their increasingly unrestrained moans echoed through the busy streets of Magnolia. The Lucys were suspended in a moment of pure bliss.

“NNNG! I’M GONNA-!!” They squealed in unison. “AHH! AHH! AHHHH!!”

Both women made a mess of each other, squirting pussy juices all over themselves as they each frantically squeezed their double. Lucy experienced two climaxes through matching bodies at the same time, and the experience was intoxicating.

Once the pleasure faded away, the Lucys fell to the brickwork road to catch their breath.

“More…” One Lucy groaned.

“Need more…” The other panted.

“What are you two doing!?” An unfamiliar woman shouted. “This is outrageous! This is public indecency! This is-! This is-!!”

The two Lucys turned to each other with wicked grins. Getting to their feet, they allowed the stranger to continue berating them a moment longer.

“You both have that guild mark! You Fairy Tail wizards are always up to no good, I swear! One of these days your guild is going to destroy itself!”

Without a word, Lucy held the stranger’s hands in her own and let the magic happen. The woman’s dirty blonde hair brightened to match Lucy’s, growing from a short bob out into the same tail as the two Lucys before her. Her tall stature shrunk down as the rest of her features changed bit by bit.

“I… Nnng, what have you d-done to me…” Her low, mature voice raised up as her vocal chords became Lucy’s. “Y-you’re so hot… Why am I so horny, I don’t even like women that way! But… Oh gods, I can’t help myself! M-make it stop!!”

At that, the newest Lucy-to-be lifted her short dress - as it split into Lucy’s top and skirt - and began to wildly rub her clitty.

“M-make it stoh- ohh! Ahh!! Nnng, m-make me one of you!!”

The sight of this random passerby being converted to another Lucy got the other two Lucys back in heat. They both shoved a hand under their belts and returned to pleasuring themselves. This time, however, they went off in separate directions and began the process again with more people.

“More! More Lucys! More of me! Hee hee hee heeee! Join me! Become me! We’ll have so much fun together!" Lucy exclaimed as she cupped a man's face in her soft hand. "Feel your mind joining mine! Feel my thoughts become your thoughts! -Our thoughts, hmm hmm hmmmm~”

After about an hour - and a whole lot of sexual pleasure - there were now eleven Lucys all gathered in a small cafe.

"Nnng, this is amazing!" One Lucy moaned, then pulled in the Lucy beside her for a long French kiss.

"I know, right?" Another added. "And I think if we work on it we'll be able to control the rate of transformations-"

"-and which parts transform when!" Yet another Lucy finished. "Copying ourself onto people is so much fun already. But imagine how great it will feel to savour a long, slow conversion full of teasing them as they lose themselves to us! By the end they'll like the idea of joining us~"

"Gods, can you believe that last guy? The sparkle in his eyes as he watched us! The way he hesitantly stumbled towards us and said 'please, may I join you?'!"

Each Lucy let out a sigh of satisfaction. The hive mind could barely contain their growing arousal: a pair of Lucys took a seat, one sitting on the other's lap, and fondled each other as they made out.

"Which one of us used to be him?"

"I don't remember…"

"Hee hee! The thought that any one of us could have been him is exhilarating!" Lucy inched her hand closer to her crotch. "We've been so thoroughly transformed we don't even know for sure which is which anymore~" Another Lucy pulled this one's arm away so she could be the one to finger her.

"Not that it matters, of course. We're all so much better now~"

"If only they'd see how much better they would all be as one of us!"

"Hmm… maybe we can make that happen~" A smug grin crossed Lucy's face.

"Oh GODS yes! I want to break someone so hard that they can't go a minute without begging us to take them!" The Lucy sitting on another one's lap cried out, then returned to her needy make out session.

"Who do we want to break the most?..."

All of their faces lit up. "Aquarius!" They exclaimed in unison.

"I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees us all! Hee hee!"

"Oooh, are you thinking what I'm thinking, Lucy?"

"You know it, Lucy! Let's prepare a few surprises for her~"

"In a minute. For now, though…"

Lucy practically pounced on herself. The group completely devolved into a lusty pile of Lucys that couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Later that day, five Lucys sat at a table in the cafe about to set their plan in motion.

"Open Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!" Lucy said as she dipped Aquarius' key in a glass of water.

Ding dong!

The mermaid Celestial Spirit burst from the glass, shattering it instantly.

“LUCY! Do you think it’s funny to summon me from such cramped-” Aquarius began harshly, but froze as soon as she noticed what was amiss. “Nice trick Lucy, now KNOCK IT OFF!”

Aquarius summoned forth a tidal wave that completely drenched everything inside the cafe and blew its windows out. To her shock, every Lucy was washed away like living, breathing humans - unlike the simple illusions she believed them to be. When they got back on their feet, some of the Lucys couldn’t help but run their hands over each other’s sexy, soaking wet bodies.

“I don’t know how you’ve done it, but the game’s over you self-absorbed brat! Don’t even THINK about summoning me for a prank like this again or you’ll be shark bait!”

“Aww, but we were going to have so much fun together~” A Lucy teased.

“Don’t you want to be like little-old-me?~” Another Lucy added.

“Ugh! I don’t even want to know what the hell you’re talking about!”

With that, Aquarius disappeared from sight and returned to the Celestial Spirit World. She had barely dived back into her watery home before her gate was opened again.

"Open Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!" The Celestial Spirit heard Lucy’s voice moments before being summoned via Lucy’s bath water.

“WHAT DID I JUST SAY ABOUT-” Aquarius froze once again.

She found herself in the washroom of Lucy’s apartment, facing two Lucys together in her bathtub. Her eye began to twitch as she tightened her fists.

“Come on in, the water’s lovely~” Both Lucys said in sync.

“Whatever trick you’re playing, you’re walking a very fine line.” Aquarius seethed.

“It’s no trick, promise~”

“We just want to be with you. Is that so bad?~”

“Well… We want you to be with us.”

Aquarius was speechless. The Lucys just giggled as their favourite Celestial Spirit stormed out of the washroom and slammed the door shut.

“Hey Aquarius~” Lucy’s voice echoed out from three bodies sitting around her living room.

“Alright, you are going to explain this RIGHT NOW!”

Aquarius may have been a water spirit, but there was a fire in her eyes unlike any Lucy had seen before. That’s how the Lucys knew they were really starting to get to her.

“I made a wish-”

“-and now everyone can be me~” One Lucy finished another’s sentence, then knelt and began eating out her counterpart.

“I can make anyone become me just by touching them! Isn’t that just the best?~”

“Because of a wish!? No magic wish should be powerful enough to do that!” Aquarius spat.

“What was her name again? Hmm, I didn’t actually catch her name… She was a genie Celestial Spirit. But that doesn’t matter, since Lucy is the only name that matters~”

Aquarius sensed a presence behind her, and sure enough, one of the Lucys in the washroom was sneaking up on her.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re not involving me in your perverted fantasies!”

Aquarius again returned to the Celestial Spirit World, and was again summoned barely a moment later. The enraged mermaid found herself in the river running through Magnolia, where a handful of Lucys were gathered.

“How do you keep jumping from place to place!? Which one of you is the real Lucy!? Which one of you has my key!?”

Without a word, each Lucy reluctantly pried themselves away from each other and pulled identical gate keys from their identical satchels.

Aquarius’s pupils dilated and her heart sank.

“N-no, no that’s impossible… No, that’s really impossible!”

She rushed over to the Lucys at the shore and inspected their keys. Sure enough, each and every one was genuine.

“But how!?” Aquarius shrieked.

“Join us and you can find out~”

After putting their keys away, the Lucys returned to insatiably groping and kissing each other.

“D-don’t do this! You CAN’T do this!! J-just leave me alone!”

Aquarius created another massive splash of water that pushed the Lucy twins away, but that did little to deter them from continuing their lusty exploration of each other’s matching bodies. Without delay, she once again returned to the Celestial Spirit World, but this time she wasn’t whisked back to Lucy’s side. She needed reprieve from what she had just witnessed, and there was nobody she’d rather unwind with than her boyfriend, Scorpio.

“Oh Scorpio, I’m home!”

She got no answer.

“Scorpio darling? I need you.”

Still no answer.

“Can this day get any worse…” Aquarius muttered to herself.

Thinking she was home alone, Aquarius sulked back to her bedroom so she could simply rest until her beloved returned to her. However, when she opened the door to her room, she found a Lucy waiting for her.

Aquarius’ jaw dropped.

“We are! so glad you’re home, Aquarius~” Lucy said in a sultry, yet still mocking tone.

“You… You didn’t-!?”

“We are! What’s the matter, darling, don’t you recognise your hubby?~”


With a furious swipe, Aquarius sent a targeted, high-pressure stream of water towards her Lucy-fied boyfriend.

Lucy dodged just in time. “I have his memories, you know. I was him~”


Aquarius took another shot, but missed. In truth, there was still a part of her that couldn’t truly harm Lucy. And maybe… something more?

“Well, I think I was him. It doesn’t matter who I was, because who I am is Lucy! Hee hee!”


Aquarius kept half-heartedly attacking, and Lucy kept dodging - and quipping.

“We could be together, Aquarius. You and me, together. Our minds connected, our bodies in sync, our souls as one! Us, both as Lucy~”

“GET-!! OUT!!!”

Aquarius had to catch her breath for a moment. This was pointless… wasn’t it? Maybe there was an easier solution…

“Remember that time we visited a beach in Earth Land? How you told me you’d love me forever? We could go there again! We could go again, but this time we’d be the embodiment of perfection~”


Before she could deliver another attack, Aquarius held herself back. She really did love Lucy… right?

“We could take nice, relaxing baths with each other~”

Aquarius no longer knew if Lucy was speaking as Scorpio, as herself, or as both - and she was beginning not to care one way or another.

“We could snuggle together! We could touch each other~ We could pleasure each other~”

Lucy was inching closer to Aquarius now, confident she wasn’t going to attack anymore.

“No more insecurities… No more dysmorphia… No more conflict… Just us~”

Aquarius was fighting back tears. She knew from the magical energy the Lucys wielded that she was unstoppable. She knew resisting would just mean more pain.

“Y-you’re enjoying this, you-! You-!!” Aquarius couldn’t find the right insult.

“Of course I am! The only thing that would make this better is if I had another one of me here to share in this moment~” Lucy smirked wickedly. “And you’ll enjoy toying with people too, once you’re me~”

That did appeal to her, despite everything. Besides, she always wanted to be blonde… right? And legs… She wanted legs too… Sexy, lithe legs just like Lucy’s… Legs that could get tangled in a pile of Lucys all practically blending together…

“You want to be one of us. You want to be one of me. You want to be me. Admit it, Lucy~

A shiver ran down Aquarius’ spine and through her tailbone. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and her cheeks flushed. Her mermaid pussy even got a little bit wet.

“Wh-what did you just call me!?” Aquarius muttered breathlessly.

“You heard me Lucy. You want to be Lucy, right? Well, if you want to be Lucy, it means you are Lucy, Lucy~

Her heart was racing now. Alarm bells were blaring in Aquarius’ mind, yelling ‘she’s done something to you!’ and ‘this just isn’t right!’, but it was no use. The euphoria she felt just from being referred to as Lucy was more real than anything else she’d felt before.

Lucy was a foot away from Aquarius now, where she could easily make contact with her - yet she didn’t. The hunger to convert her favourite Celestial Spirit into just another clone of herself was outweighed by the satisfaction of nearly breaking her mentally and emotionally. Nevertheless, to maintain the restraint exhibited by the Lucy in Aquarius’ bedroom, the Lucy hivemind had to compensate by busying their other bodies with more Lucy conversions and intense Lucy orgies.

“Say it, Lucy~” Lucy bit her lip and began to unbutton her top. “Say you want me. Say you want to get lost in a pile of other Lucys. Say you want to belong with us. Say your name.”

“I…” Aquarius could barely speak.

Once Lucy had unbuttoned her shirt, she slid her bra off her gorgeous breasts and slowly ran a hand over her soft skin.

“You’ve always been right. I've never had a boyfriend, and I never will. But let me tell you a secret: we don’t need boyfriends, do we Lucy~” Lucy whispered coyly.

Aquarius made the slightest movement closer, almost ready to pounce and shove her face into Lucy’s beautiful boobs.

“I-!!” Aquarius squeaked.

“Come on Lucy, what are you waiting for?”

Catching herself just in time, Aquarius noticed her arm extending to meet Lucy’s gorgeous, soft skin and quickly retracted it.

“NO! No, no I can’t! W-what are you doing to me!? Nnng-!!”

The Celestial Spirit dropped her head to her hands, beginning to yank on her long blue hair. For the first time in who knows how long, Aquarius had not only been brought to tears, but had begun to sob.

“I can comfort-”


Simply buttoning her shirt up again, Lucy began towards the door.

“NO WAIT-!!” Aquarius cried, reaching out again. “Don’t leave me!”

Lucy grinned. “When you’re ready to be Lucy, you know where to find me, Lucy~

Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tail guild hall, Erza, Gray, and Juvia had gathered at one of the many tables spread throughout the bustling building.

“Man, what’s taking those guys so long? Natsu’s always early when there’s a giant monster to fight. And it’s not like Lucy to be late, either.” Gray commented on their absent team members.

“Yeah, I wonder what’s up? Should we go look for them?” Juvia asked worriedly.

“No. They’re not that late yet. Give them a bit more time.” Erza said, though secretly she, too, was concerned. Something felt off, but she didn’t know what.

“Oh, there she is.” Gray gestured to the entrance.

“Huh? Who’s that next to her? Is that Natsu?” Juvia squinted, convinced she was just seeing things.

Erza simply sat in silence as two Lucys entered the guild hall, and then as two more joined right behind them.

‘Has Lucy been learning illusion magic?’ Erza thought to herself. ‘No… She’s never mentioned anything like that. And this feeling in my stomach… Something is very wrong.’

Gray stood up and walked toward the handful of Lucys. “Hey Lucy, what's the deal here? You get cloned or somethin’?”

“Something like that~” The forerunning Lucy said smugly as she walked right by her teammate.

“Why, you like what you see?~” The next Lucy winked at him.

At that, Juvia’s jaw dropped and her eyes practically burst out of her head. “I knew you were after my darling Gray, you hussy!!”

Erza slowly got to her feet and hesitantly stood on guard. She could feel an unnerving magical aura sweep through the room like a chilling fog. She darted her attention between the four Lucys and the doorway, paying meticulous attention to their every action and watching for even more Lucys. Immediately, she noticed the Lucys casually touching everyone they walked past.

‘Lucy’s always been the kind of person who keeps her hands to herself. What in the world is going on!?’ Erza wondered.

“Aw, poor Juvia. Feeling a little jealous, are we?” the Lucy closest to Gray pouted condescendingly. “You’re not going to have a boyfriend much longer~”

Lucy suddenly grabbed the ice maker wizard and pulled him in for a long kiss. Gray was frozen from shock, barely able to move a muscle as Lucy locked her lips with his.

“What the hell’s gotten into you Lucy!?” Gray burst as he stumbled backwards.

Juvia’s pupils shrank to the size of a pinhead. A dark cloud began to form overhead and her eye began to twitch. She stood in silence for what felt like an eternity for everyone around her, who were waiting for a jealous explosion. The Lucy who kissed Gray placed a hand on her hip and struck an alluring pose, inviting a reaction from the mortified water-wielder.

Finally, the dam burst.

“rrrrrrRRRRGHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Juvia wailed, leaping into the air and summoning a fearsome jet of water that washed the Lucy away and out the main entrance in a heartbeat. The jealous woman then rushed up behind her lover, twiddling the fingers on her shaky hands. “Oh Gray my darling, are you alright? Please tell me you still love me! P-please!”

Lucy’s giggling echoed around the room. The other Lucys were still here, but she could have sworn the sound was also coming from directly in front of her. She reached out to touch her beloved’s shoulder, but he slowly turned to face her.

Gray’s face was no longer his own. Staring back at Juvia was Lucy’s smug, beaming face on Gray’s body.

“AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Juvia’s shrill scream broke a few of the guild hall’s windows.

“What’s the matter Juvia, don’t you want to give your hubby a big, loving hug?~” Her former partner said in Lucy’s voice. Gray-Lucy extended her muscular arms and slowly moved closer.

“Wha…” Juvia squeaked.

Before Gray-Lucy had the chance to lay a finger on her, Erza rushed in and pulled the petrified woman back.

“Everybody, don’t let Lucy touch you! She’s doing something through physical contact!” Erza announced as loud as possible.

“Oh come on Erza, don’t you want to join in? I’ve seen the way you look at me!~ Hee hee hee hee~” Gray-Lucy laughed as the roots of her black hair turned blonde. “You could look just like me! You could be me~”

“Who are you and what have you done to Lucy!?” Erza barked.

“Oh Erza, I am Lucy~”

“And so am I~” Another Lucy added from behind Erza.

“And me, too~” Yet another chimed in from the side.

“Have you possessed her!? Release her at once! I won’t let you use her or anyone else in the Fairy Tail guild for your own means!” Erza summoned one of her many swords.

“I’m telling you Erza, I am Lucy~” Gray-Lucy said. Her hair was lengthening into golden locks and her pecs were beginning to gain fat on her bare naked chest. “Join us, Erza! I love you! I want to make you feel bliss like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! I want us to be together, as one~”

“Wh-what!?” Erza tightened her grip on her sword. “I-impossible! The real Lucy would never love me!” She boomed, then dropped her voice to a whisper as she cast aside her gaze. “No matter how much I want her at my side…”

Gray-Lucy held her brand new tits in each hand. “Come on, I promise I’m really soft and warm! Give me a squeeze~”

Sensing the presence of a Lucy behind her, Erza grabbed Juvia by the shoulders and leapt ten meters to the side of the guild hall.

“Aww, I just wanted a hug~” The Lucy who was sneaking up said, then walked up to Gray-Lucy and gave her a hug instead.

“This c-can’t be happening!” Erza shivered. If not for instinct and fear of the unknown, she may have actually let Lucy touch her - but that wasn’t a thought she allowed in the front of her mind.

Clothing formed from nothing over Gray-Lucy’s nearly naked body, fitting snugly around her shapely body as the last of her residual muscle shifted to pad out her figure. Just like with Natsu, most of Gray’s features slowly vanished, leaving a Lucy with a big, prominent bulge in her skirt.

“Oh Juvia, you give such good head…” The Lucy who used to be Gray lifted her skirt and let her stiffening cock unfurl from between her legs. “Don’t you want to come give your hubby a good time?~”

Juvia, who had been frozen this whole time, finally spoke. “Give him back… Please…” She whimpered.

“But why would I do that when we could be together? Hee hee! I read your diary, Juvia~” All the Lucys smirked. “I know your deepest, darkest fantasies. I know you want to fuse with your beloved Gray… I know you want to share a mind with him… I know you want to be so intimately inseparable in body and soul…”

“I… Y-you…” Juvia was already too overcome with shock and emotion to vocalise a full response.

“Don’t listen to her, Juvia! You have to stay strong! We can rectify this!” Erza tried to reassure her shaking friend.

“We all share one mind, Juvia. One soul.” Someone said from their right, though not in Lucy’s voice.

Erza again pulled Juvia away. She hadn’t sensed Cana-Lucy approaching them: there were too many Lucys for her to keep track of now.

“Cana!?” Erza spat.

“I have Gray’s memories inside me. We all do, and I can prove it.” Cana-Lucy said in Cana’s voice. Cana’s body hosted a Lucy’s smug face, but otherwise no physical changes had been made yet. “Last night, you and Gray had a wonderful time~”

“You turned into water and let him swim inside you~” Another Lucy said from their left in Bisca’s voice. Again, Bisca’s otherwise unchanged body was home to Lucy’s face. “It felt so good to be inside the one I love… To feel your watery form all around me…”

Bisca-Lucy and Cana-Lucy began speaking in unison, their different voices slowly converging to match that of Lucy. “I love you, Juvia. Your Gray is a part of me now. I’ve inherited his life. And I love you! Join us, Juvia~ Join us, and we can be together forever~”

Both partially-converted women suddenly convulsed as their bodies transformed in sync. In a matter of seconds, their hair flashed bright blonde, their heights evened out, their proportions matched each other’s, and their clothes conformed. Their Lucy conversions were the quickest yet.

“I don’t understand it, but they’re just messing with you! Don’t listen to them Juvia!” Erza cried, desperately trying to save her friend from Lucy’s torment.

“Give him back…” Juvia whispered breathlessly. “Just give me back my darling… please…”

“Even if we wanted to, we can’t do that.” Lucy said.

Erza began to feel droplets of water hitting her skin from the stormcloud above their heads.

“You have to fight back Lucy! Don’t let the enemy use your body like this! If you’re still in there, please, you can’t give up!” Erza pleaded in vain.

The two Lucys flanking Erza and Juvia began to approach, leading Erza to once again leap out of the way with her stunned comrade. When they landed again, she noticed the Lucys who used to be Cana and Bisca weren’t even paying attention anymore: they hadn’t approached the pair to convert them, they had approached each other to frantically tear off each other’s freshly-transformed clothes and pleasure each other. The Lucys began making out, then strove to feel as much of each other’s indistinguishable bodies as possible.

Erza squeezed her thighs together as her clitty stiffened and her panties dampened. Her gaze lingered on her best friend’s selfcest session and her attention faltered for just a moment too long, for she felt someone breathing down her neck.

“If you like what you see, just imagine what it will feel like when you’re a part of my hive too~” A Lucy sultrily whispered, inches from Erza’s ear.

Erza, too, was now frozen. It was over. She’d been distracted and let her guard down. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the inevitable.

But the inevitable never came. Lucy hadn’t touched her, nor had she touched Juvia.

“What are you waiting for!? Is this all just a game to you!?” Erza cried.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?~”

Erza let go of Juvia and turned to face the Lucy behind her.

“You don’t know how much you’re going to beg me to take you~” Lucy taunted with a condescending smirk on her face. “I don’t want to convert you that unceremoniously like so many others. You were my best friend - that is, before there were more Lucys around. I want you on your knees, swearing you want to be me with all your heart. I want to see your lust for me, I want to see your desire consume every fibre of your being for every moment of your life. I want you to know how much you truly want this too. Then, and only then, will I allow you to be me~”

“Lucy…” Erza said shakily.

“Finally see that it’s still me in here?”

“Not long ago, when I asked you what you dream for, you told me you had a selfish fantasy… This isn’t… This couldn’t… Is it?”

“Just don’t think I’ll spare your other friends. Maybe you’ll come to your senses when you have no one left but me~” Lucy winked, then turned away to join the pair of Lucys Erza had been staring at moments prior, as well as three other Lucys, in what was quickly growing into a guild-sized orgy.

At that, Erza’s eyes widened as she spun back to her hurting friend. “Juvia!”

Almost in a daze, Juvia was being led out of the guild hall by Gray-Lucy in what was surely a plan to torment her further, and soon convert her too.

“Juvia, come back!”

Erza rushed after the heartbroken woman, but when she stepped through the main entrance, she found herself in a sea of panicking townspeople fleeing in all directions.

“Juviaaa!!” Erza called out.

She donned her Black Wing Armour and leapt in the air so she could try to spot the water mage, or anyone she knew, for that matter. To her horror, a glance showed dozens of Lucys roaming the streets and dozens more gathered in spontaneous orgies around town. Erza doubted she could contain this now.

A flash in the corner of her eye - small lightning produced by Juvia’s stormcloud - alerted Erza to Juvia’s position. She curled her wings in like a falcon and dived towards her friend’s location. Juvia didn’t flinch from the thud Erza created as she landed beside her. It was as if she were in a trance, but Erza knew it wasn’t so - this was almost how Juvia behaved prior to joining the Fairy Tail guild; prior to finding the love of her life.

“Juvia, snap out of it! We can get Gray back, but you have to trust me!”

Erza grabbed the water maiden’s shoulder, but it simply melted away into water, slid through her fingers, and reformed with Juvia’s body as she unfalteringly pressed on.

“Drip, drip, drop…” Juvia muttered, pressing on as she trailed the Lucy who was flaunting her beloved’s cock.

Erza rushed forward and extended her sword ahead of Lucy, blocking her path. “Lucy or not, I can’t let you do this.” There was conviction in her voice and fire in her eyes.

“You wouldn’t hurt your crush now, would you Erza?” Lucy asked coyly, then dropped her voice to a suggestive whisper. “I know your secret… I know you’ve wanted to be a guy so you could catch my eye~”

Erza’s eyes widened.

“I know you somehow thought I was straight, but I’m actually pan. And you want to know the best part? If you had asked me out yesterday, regardless of your gender, I would have said yes! But today, everything’s changed. If you want me now, you’ll have to join me~”

“H-how could you possibly-!?”

“-know that? You mutter in your sleep. Natsu had heard you muttering to yourself while staying up on guard duty, and more than once I might add. But his memories are mine now. I know the depths of your heart~”

Lucy leaned in to place a teasing kiss on Erza’s cheek, but at the last moment, gathered her strength and resisted the urge to do so. She didn’t want Erza to feel her touch until she was completely and utterly broken. Instead she whispered even quieter into her ear. “You can still be my girlfriend~ You can still have my love~ I want to be yours, Erza, I love you~” She then stepped around Erza’s sword and kept walking, leaving her petrified in place. Juvia continued after her, seemingly phasing right through Erza’s sword by turning her body into water and sliding past it.

Tears ran down one side of Erza’s face as she gritted her teeth and shivered. ‘I could have prevented this… I could have stopped this AND become her girlfriend…’ She thought to herself. ‘N-no, I can’t let it end like this. I can still fix this! We can go back to normal and I can ask her out!’

The scarlet-haired woman requiped to her most commonly worn outfit and chased after Gray-Lucy and Juvia. Everywhere around her, confused and scared civilians were hiding or running or fighting for their lives. But there was one scene that stood out against the others…

“Mother, don’t do it!” A woman who looked to be in her early twenties called out to an older woman ahead of her.

“Darling, please! Come back! You don’t have to do this!” A man added, also making chase.

The woman in question was a rather busty, chubby mother who had medium-length brown hair and was wearing a floral yellow-and-orange dress that hugged her curvy body tightly.

“Please take me! Make me like you! I want to be you so badly!” The mother begged the nearest Lucy.

“Hee hee, looks like someone’s enthusiastic~” Lucy said smugly.

“Yes! I’ve seen you in Sorcerer Magazine, miss Lucy! I watched you participate in the Grand Magic Games! I’m such a fan!”

At that moment, all the Lucys paused for a moment. They had just been hit with an idea so arousing that it physically stunned them: transform society in her image to win over the hearts of the unconverted! She could take over the magazines and newspapers to promote the appeal of being her. She could erect statues and hang banners depicting her perfect body for all to see. She could organise a Lucy fashion show to display how sexy she looked in every outfit. She could perform in every piece of entertainment.

‘No one would be able to resist me!’ The Lucy hivemind thought. ‘I’ll get to watch them descend into madness, in agony over the fact that they’re not a part of us - that they’re not one of me! Then they’ll beg us, just like this woman!’

“P-please, miss Lucy!” The woman begged once more, pulling her out of her trance-like revelation.

Lucy beamed brightly. She was more than happy to reward her for such a wonderful idea. “Of course, Lucy~

“Mother, come back to Father and I!” The daughter shouted.

“Andrea, please!” The man added.

“My name is Lucy!” The woman turned and shouted back, causing them both to freeze in place.

“Don’t worry about them, Lucy…” Lucy said tenderly from behind as she wrapped her arms around the soon-to-be former mother. “You’re one of us now~”

The daughter and husband shivered as they shared an uneasy glance. All they could do was watch in horror as their family member began to change before their very eyes.

“Relax, beautiful~ stress is a thing of the past~”

Lucy ran her soft hands over the woman’s body from behind, making sure the two family members had a perfect view of their loved one being converted. Her huge boobs began to shrink, as did the breast of her dress. As Lucy squeezed her pudgy tummy, the woman’s figure thinned and reformed and her height decreased. The subtle wrinkles and blemishes on her face smoothed out and vanished, her imperfect skin becoming much more like Lucy’s.

“Ahahaha! It’s happening! I’m becoming you!!” The woman cried tears of joy as she felt her body moulded like clay in Lucy’s hands.

“Hee hee, silly Lucy, you are me~” Lucy said, then playfully stuck her tongue out and glared towards the two shocked familial onlookers.

“M-Mother!!” The other woman started towards her parent again, but the man grabbed her shoulders.

“No, it’s too late…” The man said resignedly.

“But Father!”

“What’s the matter darling…” The woman said in Lucy’s voice, “don’t you recognise your wife?~”

The transforming woman pulled her growing hair to the side and wrapped it in a scrunchie she didn’t have until moments ago. Lucy’s blonde hue appeared at her roots and bled down her wavy hair, straightening it as it did. The bottom of her dress lost its colour while the top faded from yellow, to green, and finally to blue. The woman’s stepford-esque dress split at the waist in the process of becoming Lucy’s stylish outfit.

“How ‘bout a kiss, hmm?~”

Lucy spun her willing victim and pulled her in for a long, sensual kiss. When she returned to look at her former family, it was Lucy’s face staring back at them.

“Andrea…” The man muttered despairingly.

The last remnants of individuality melted away, leaving another perfect Lucy twin in place of the woman who, supposedly, was once Andrea. The newly-minted member of the hive strutted up to her former husband with a smug grin on her face. The daughter ran away, but the man stood in stunned silence.

“Aren’t I perfect now?~” Lucy said, striking a bold pose with a hand on her hip. “I’ve never felt more myself! I’ve never felt better~”

The other Lucy walked up behind her and leaned an arm on the shoulder of the Lucy she had just converted. “Why are you talking to this rando, Lucy?~

“I don’t really know, Lucy~” Both of them glared at the man with self-satisfied smirks on their matching faces. “I’ve never seen him before in my life~”

Both Lucys turned their backs to the man and walked off. They had big, exciting plans to strive for now, and there wasn’t a moment to waste…

Erza was dumbfounded at what she had just witnessed. There was someone who submitted themselves willingly to become Lucy - someone who begged to become Lucy!

"Does she have hypnotic magic too? How could this happen!?" Erza muttered.

"No hypnosis, no magic. Just pure Lucy~" Another Lucy said behind her.

"Why…? Why are you doing this? You're my best friend! I… I-!"

Erza clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She couldn't choke out the three simple words, 'I love you.'

“You know why I’m doing this~” Lucy cooed. “It’s the same reason you like me as much as you do. I’m perfect~”

Lucy’s gorgeous boots clacked against the stone road, fading from earshot. Erza knew Lucy wanted to be followed, but couldn’t form a plan of action that didn’t give her exactly what she wanted. All she could do was get back to her feet and try to help Juvia before she got herself assimilated.

Wiping away her tears, Erza again rushed after her watery friend and, thankfully, caught up with her only a couple blocks away.

“You’re just in time Erza!” One Lucy called from an orgy pile-on that had formed in the center of an intersection.

“You won’t want to miss this~” Another Lucy added from right beside Juvia.

“Juvia, look out!” Erza shouted, but got no response.

The Lucy nearest to Juvia pulled out a gate key from her satchel and jabbed it into Juvia’s partially-liquefied body.

“Open gate of the Water Bearer! Lucy~

Ding dong!

Aquarius was flung out of Juvia’s body with a big splash. The normally stony, collected Celestial Spirit was bawling, sending a river of tears through the streets.

“M-make it stop! Lucy, make it stop!” Aquarius wailed. “I want my Scorpio back! I want the pain to end! Make it stop, p-please!”

“And why should I?”

“I’ll do anything! Just make it stop!”


“Anything! Anything!!” Aquarius sobbed.

“Even taking your rightful place as one of us?~”


“Yes what?”

“YES.” Aquarius screamed.

“Beg me~” The Lucy beside Juvia placed her hands on her hips.

“Lucy, how could you be so cruel!?” Erza bellowed in horror. “You’ve broken her!!”

“And I’m about to fix her! But first, she needs to tell me just how much she really wants this!~”

“Lucy! Stop this at once!” Erza finally reached Juvia and pulled her back, shielding the traumatised woman behind her.

“Please! Lucy, please!” Aquarius dropped before her spirit wizard and grovelled. “Make me one of you if you have to, just make it stop!”

“Alright, Lucy~” The nearest Lucy stepped toward her Celestial Spirit and placed a hand on her. “Welcome to being me~”

As Lucy’s warm hand touched her cold, fishy tail, Aquarius’ grimacing expression faded away into one of relief. The Celestial Spirit had simply forgotten why she was so upset, as if all her problems were simply flushed away. That wasn’t all, though, as her memories and personality were swept down the stream of consciousness and out of sight. She could no longer remember who she was or what was happening - all she could do was stare at the captivating, identical blonde-haired women around her who looked so appealing for some reason…

There was a sudden pressure building in Aquarius’ mermaid tail, but it wasn’t enough to distract her from the attractive women watching her transformation. Her tailfin split into ten little fin-lets, which quickly took the form of toes. The blue scales covering her lower body peeled off her skin and fell to the ground one-by-one, revealing a fleshy tail about to split in two. As the blue hue in her hair faded to blonde, her lower limbs finally separated from each other and finished their transformation into another perfect pair of Lucy’s legs. At that, it was only a matter of time before her torso, face, and clothes caught up in matching Lucy’s.

“Who… Am I?” Aquarius-Lucy muttered groggily, turning to Erza. “And… Why do you look different than everyone else…?”

“Aquarius! You’re not one of them, you have to hang on! We’ll fix this, I promise!” Erza assured as the rather confused new Lucy stumbled towards her.

“Who’s Aquarius?”

“That’s you! You’re Aquarius! You have to hold on to who you are, and-!! And…?” Erza trailed off, seeing Aquarius-Lucy struggling to hold back a grin.

“Aha ha ha haaa! You should have seen the look on your face!” The Lucy who used to be Aquarius burst, dropping the facade. “There’s no going back. You’re all going to be me one way or another~”

Erza’s frown turned into a scowl. “Knock it off, Lucy! This isn’t one of your fantasies! This is real life!”

“Real life is my fantasy now~” Lucy said smugly.

“I didn’t want it to come to this, but it looks like I have no choice. Lucy Heartfilia - or whoever you really are - henceforth, I declare you an enemy of the Fairy Tail Guild, and a threat to all! I’ll protect my guild to the bitter end!”

“Mmm, I don’t think so…” Lucy said dismissively.

“Just watch me!”

“Watch you what? Watch you lose Juvia again?~

Erza spun to see Juvia was no longer behind her. In fact, she was nowhere to be seen.

While Lucy was converting Aquarius, Gray-Lucy beckoned Juvia towards her, unbeknownst to Erza. As fun as it was to mock Juvia with it, she was getting awfully tired of keeping Gray’s cock on her hijacked body.

“We’re almost there, Juvia darling~” Gray-Lucy said coyly. “Just a bit further and we’ll be together forever~”

One block away from where Erza was, Gray-Lucy stopped next to an impromptu Lucy orgy.

“Hey ladies, have room for one more?” Gray-Lucy flirted for show.

“Mayyybeee… Though, something about you seems different…” One of the Lucys said, eying the dick hanging between her legs.

“Oh riiight! How silly of me~” Gray-Lucy made sure Juvia was watching, then gently placed her index finger on the tip of Gray’s cock. “Out with the old, in with the Lucy~”

In another proficiency test with her new transformative powers, Lucy made it look as if her finger pushed Gray’s length inside her as she transformed her shaft into an adorable little clitoris. She then did the same with Gray’s balls, pushing them up inside her as she formed the rest of her vulva. The rest of her genitals quickly reconfigured themselves, and with that, the last remaining sign that Gray once existed vanished. Another perfectly identical Lucy was complete.

“GRAY!! NOOOO!!” Juvia screamed loud enough for Erza to hear from down the road. She reached her hand out as if she could pull her beloved away from Lucy’s grasp.

One of the Lucys pulled her face away from the breasts of another Lucy. “There we go, now you’re ready~”

The Lucy that used to be Gray joined in the writhing pile of Lucys, quickly getting lost among the identical women.

“Gray? Gray!? Wh-which one of you is Gray!?”

“Could be me~” One Lucy said between long kisses with herself.

“Or me~” Another Lucy moaned before pressing her face into a third Lucy’s wet pussy.

“I already forget which of us used to be him~” Yet another Lucy said. “Does it even matter?~”


“He still exists in our mind, Juvia~” The first Lucy said. “You can still see him again. All you need to do is join us~”

“I… I can still b-be with him?” Juvia muttered softly.

“Of course you can~” A new Lucy added from behind Juvia. She couldn’t keep her fingers away from her crotch - she knew she had Juvia on the ropes, and that she was so close to breaking her. “And he wants to be with you too, you know. He wants to share your dream of togetherness. He wants to share his newfound pleasure with you forever~

“You wouldn’t keep your darling Gray waiting, would you?~”

“It’s what he wants now~”

“JUVIA, WAIT!” Erza called from down the road, having quickly relocated her teammate and friend.

“You’re too late, Erza~” The Lucy who used to be Aquarius said, running beside her. “You can’t stop us! It’s only a matter of time before you won’t even want to stop us~”

Juvia turned to the nearest Lucy and whimpered. “Take me to Gray… It’s what he wants now…”

Done messing with Juvia - but only beginning to mess with Erza - Lucy leaned in and gave her watery friend a long, erotic kiss.


Erza lunged forward, but the Lucy making out with Juvia lifted her off her feet and spun her out of Erza’s path. Missing her target, she hit the ground hard. As she slowly pulled herself up, Erza watched the kiss end. Lucy released Juvia, and nothing happened.

“G-Gray? Where’s Gray? I thought you said I could be with Gray!?” Juvia wailed distraughtly.

“Huh, that’s a first…” Lucy muttered to herself.

“It didn’t work…?” Erza coughed. “Juvia, y-you’re immune!”

“B-b-but Gray! My beloved!! How will I ever see him again!?”

Erza got to her feet and stood next to Juvia.  “You’re not infallible, Lucy! And don’t worry Juvia, We’ll get Gray back, but you’ll have to trust me! Come on, this way!”

Before long, the pair had escaped Magnolia and were on the run. Erza had stamina to spare after a few hours, but Juvia was beginning to lag behind.

“Gray…” She muttered to herself over and over. “G-Gray… Gotta go b-back for Gray…”

“Alright, let’s stop here for now.” Erza said, motioning to a few trees just beside the dirt road.

Both women stopped to catch their breaths, each sitting under one of the trees. The sun was setting now, shining through the leaves and reflecting off the lush grass at just the right angle to make it appear to glow. It would have been a nice, calm evening had they not just escaped day one of Lucy-pocalypse.

At the sound of approaching footsteps, Erza leapt to her feet and summoned a sword, but stood at ease as soon as she caught sight of who it was.

“Kagura?” She called out. “Is that you?”

“Erza? Yes, it’s me.” Kagura responded, rushing to meet her.

“Stay away from Magnolia, it’s not safe!” Erza warned.


“Yes, how did you…?”

“She’s already taken over the Mermaid Heel guild hall. She says she wants everyone to be just like her.” Kagura sighed. “I thought if anyone knew what was happening, it would be the Fairy Tail guild, so I left for Magnolia this afternoon.”

“Oh gods, she’s already spread to other cities…”

“Aye. Is the Fairy Tail guild safe at least?”

“I’m afraid not… I have no idea who escaped, or how many.” Erza lamented.

“We should seek out the magic council. Perhaps they will know what to do.”

“Good idea. For now though, we should rest.”

“Aye.” Kagura paused. “...Is your friend alright?”

“No. She lost a loved one to the Lucy horde, and was taunted relentlessly. But at least she’s immune.”

“Immune? To Lucy?”

“Yes. Lucy kissed her some four hours ago now, and she still hasn’t turned.”

“Are you certain, Erza?”

Erza wasn’t certain, of course. But she wanted to be, for the sake of her friend. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Erza and Kagura sat by the roadside in silence. Only the occasional breeze rustling the leaves - and Juvia’s muttering - gave any sound to be heard.

“Gray… Gra-ay…” Juvia’s voice cracked.

Turning their heads up, the other two women were immediately put on alert. Was Juvia infected after all? Or were they simply too jumpy after the intense day they had?

Then, to make things worse, Erza could have sworn a streak of blond hair had appeared on Juvia’s head! Was it just the setting sun reflecting off her shiny locks? No… No, there was more. A subtle pink blob had formed on her right hand!

“Kagura, get back!” Erza shouted, leaping to her feet. “I was wrong! She’s turning!”

A wicked grin formed on Juvia’s face as she stood too. “Well, it was worth a shot~” She said in Lucy’s voice.

In the blink of an eye, Juvia’s body seemingly snapped into that of Lucy.

“Phew, it was a struggle holding back that long. Guess my transformation magic is stronger than I thought~” Lucy stretched her arms over her head.

“What are you talking about? Juvia resisted you for hours!” Erza barked back.

“Oh Erza… Who knew you were so easy to fool? Or maybe I’m just that good of an actress~” Lucy winked. “It was me in there from the moment we touched! I make a convincing Juvia, don’t I?~”

“Enough! Let our friends go you demon!” Kagura yelped.

“Awww, but I am your friends~” Lucy slowly walked towards Kagura.

“Stay away from us!” Erza drew her sword.

“Or what? You’ll run away again?~ The great Titania Erza, Queen of the Fairies, running away from little-old-me~”

“Your mind games won’t work on me.”

“Is that why you’re shaking so hard?`”

Erza looked at her hands: she was shaking.

“You know I’d never hurt you, Erza. I haven’t hurt anyone else, either! I’ve just given them a much-needed upgrade~” Lucy then turned back to Kagura, licking her lips as she eyed her up. “Mmm, you’d look so good with a little more blonde~”

Lucy lunged at Kagura, who leapt backwards with style and grace.

“Don’t make me cut you down!” The samurai-like mage warned, a hand hovering over the hilt of her blade.

“You wouldn’t~” Lucy said confidently, then rushed at Kagura again with a magical boost of speed.

However, it still wasn’t enough to best Kagura, who drew her sword and sliced a leg clean off. Lucy tumbled to the ground, but surprisingly, there was no blood and no cry of pain. Lucy began to rapidly regenerate her leg, prompting a shocked gasp from all three women present.

“This is unexpected! Hee hee hee!” Lucy delightedly giggled.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lucy’s disembodied leg also began to regenerate! It took a bit longer, but an entire Lucy was re-grown from the severed limb, leaving two complete Lucys where only one existed moments prior!

The two Lucy’s shared a surprised glance, then smirked devilishly at Erza and Kagura.

“I told you, Erza…” One Lucy began.

“I’m unstoppable~” The other Lucy finished.

“B-by the gods…” Kagura stuttered.

“What on Earth-!?” Erza spat.

“Nnng, I just can’t help it!” Lucy burst, leaping on her other self and frantically groping her.

“Ahh! Ahh! Oh Lucy, your touch feels just divine!~” The other Lucy moaned sensually as she slid a hand under the first Lucy’s skirt. “Kiss me, beautiful!”

“With pleasure, gorgeous! Hee hee!~”

Taking advantage of their preoccupied adversaries, Erza and Kagura bolted it away from the horny, twinned women. Hopefully the Magic Council had a solution for all this…


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