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Link to file >>> https://dimpixelanimations.itch.io/harleybirqu 

Password >>> ives74jsharle35f

Link to file with password embedded >>> https://dimpixelanimations.itch.io/harleybirqu?password=ives74jsharle35f 

MEGA 4K >>> https://mega.nz/file/Uc5mmSCS#tIZDiZ11PECWCDotEiBegs7Kuq-aBRUcODKP97yDZEY 

MEGA 1080p >>> https://mega.nz/file/pAxinIjA#5ASH8u00iodvsD0FYKNUEqs1B7dd6SqHtilvCq59wPU 

No, it's not a gif—it's an actual HTML5 file, with next buttons and everything! 

As voted by you, Harley Quinn gets a long overdue birth animation! When the idea of Harley being coached through birth popped up, I thought it would be a shame to not make it a (slightly) fuller animation than usually happens for Duesday. There is no sound as I don't want to hold up production on Jessie's animation any longer, so I decided to skip it for now. Will come back and add some sounds during my June hiatus! 

If you get stuck, especially if asked if you need to "intervene", trying clicking somewhere on the screen. I'm sure you can guess where. :)

Anyway, back to Jessie's explosive animation. TTFN!




Wow wasn't expecting a full fledged video of this, but nice surprise. However I did wish that we got a full picture view of pregnant Harley in all her glory, but that's just my one nitpick. All in all, this was a good animation. Great work.


I would love to see Ivy next, or even better BOTH AT THE SAME TIME


I had considered a full body shot, but at the same time, wanted to show Ivy and Harley together, and as I had already animated Harley's tum in the previous animation, I decided to go a different route this time. Don't worry, the full tum will return for the next one!


I won’t lie I was half expecting you to have her pop out Kermit the frog.


I very much want to see Ivy birth! The character model is so beautiful to me.


Super cute and yeah...more Ivy pregnant works would be awesome.