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Nelthiltaurë was forged by the ancient Elven smith Ralathil during a time of great peril for the Elven people. The sword was imbued with the power of the goddess of the moon, a deity revered by the Elven race for her association with the cycles of nature and the passage of time, to serve as a powerful tool of protection and a beacon of hope.

According to legend, the sword was wielded by some of the greatest Elven heroes throughout history, each one using it to defend their people against threats both external and internal. The sword became a symbol of the unbreakable spirit and determination of the Elven people to protect their homeland and their way of life.

Today, Nelthiltaurë is said to be hidden away in a secret location known only to a select few. It is believed that the sword will only reveal itself to a worthy wielder, one who is willing to lay down their life to protect the Elven people and their traditions. Those who are deemed worthy to wield Nelthiltaurë are granted unparalleled grace and insight, and become a shining example of Elven valor and honor.



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