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New Weapon ⚔️ - Fangs of the Auld Wyrm - Legendary

The story tells of an ancient dragon that terrorized the land, its power unmatched by any mortal force. It was said that its fangs and scales held the key to harnessing the dragon's elemental power, and many brave adventurers sought to slay the beast and claim its fangs as their own.

One such adventurer succeeded, and from the fangs and scales of the dragon, they crafted the Fangs of the Auld Wyrm. The daggers quickly gained a reputation as deadly weapons, imbued with the power of the elemental forces that the dragon once commanded.

Over time, the Fangs became the stuff of legend themselves, sought after by adventurers and treasure hunters alike. Many tales are told of those who wielded the Fangs in battle, their enemies vanquished by the power of the dragon's elemental breath.

But with great power comes great danger. The dragon whose fangs and scales were used to craft the Fangs of the Auld Wyrm is said to have cursed the daggers, drawing its attention to those who dare to wield them. Many who have wielded the Fangs have met their demise at the claws of the dragon, their remains left as a warning to others who would seek to claim the power of the ancient dragon.



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