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Dear patrons,

Thank you so much for your support!!!

How are you doing? I hope you all doing well.

I have just finished the Hogwarts legacy game and really enjoy it. Can't wait for the next Resident evil remake 4 so that we can have older Leon with more RE characters to play with.

I am so sorry that the current project is not making it in time, I have to recast the character Conrad (from the Men of Medan game) and change to Leon Kennedy (RE remake) because of some technical issues. But It's 75% complete and I am confident to say that I can deliver this video to you this month.

Meanwhile, please check your email to receive your rewards for Feb. It should include my confirmation of the total Coins you have so far and the invitation link to Discord channels. (Please check the spam box also just in case)

To redeem for videos you want, please join the below poll (you can vote for more than 1 option) or message me the videos you want to get via Patreon message.

Don't forget to join the Discord channel for early updates on current projects.

By the way, I found an expert who can help extract characters from games (for a fair price) so now you can suggest characters you want (in the Discord channel, under the suggestion tab) I will set up the vote and commission him/her for you.

*I suggest Deek from Hogwarts legacy =))



I will never say no to more Leon Kennedy! Now I really wish we got some Soul Calibur men!


will we be able to buy older videos that arent on your site or avalible to buy with coins here?


Some videos were lost during the Pornhub issues a long time ago so if you can't find them in Derek's Archive folder on my website then I am afraid there is nothing I can do about it.