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Dear patrons,

Thank you so much for your support!

Please check your email for the rewards, which are included information about your Coins until now, and an invitation to Discord channels (1 link for an early view Work-In-Progress clip and 1 link for the choice game).

Thank you Platinum patrons for participating in my first choice game. I will continue the story with your final choice (Option C). If there is more free time I can also show you what will happen if you guys choose option A or B. I hope we will have some sex scenes.

For the Pride month, all videos including the new ones will have a special discount price so if you want to redeem your Coins, please vote for the videos you want below. Or you can email me or send me a message on Patreon, either is fine.

"Ghost Face and Dwight" video is now free, shout out to all patrons who support making these videos happen. No videos can become true without you guys.





If you missed the vote, you still can redeem your Coins by message me the videos you want


I want The Rescue 3


You were totally right Randy, this dude is amazing. His stuff is totally insane, I love it