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Slight Spoiler warning for Sono Bisque Doll/My Dress Up Darling!  
I adapted a fav scene upcoming in the anime, and tried to make it even sexier.

Anyway here's the sneak peak preview for the Sono Bisque Doll/My Dress Up Darling animation! This is the animatic.
I did a few different versions of it, and it was a bit hard finding a good way for it to flow, but I'm really really excited for this one's final result.  Some very unfortunate things happened in the last week, and my priorities and attention was taken away from here, but I've found a couple of skilled hands for this specific project so I'm aiming to get it out as quickly as possible. That being said, no promises on a release date because I'm trying to learn my lesson on that lol
Animation for this project in particular is already underway, so perhaps what I'll do is post rough animation gifs once a few of them are done.  I hope you guys are looking forward to it!

A reminder for people on here, I post and talk more often on discord, I'm working on maintaining both, things just get very busy. An mp4 format of this gif is available on the discord server as well!

Thank you everyone!!



Adam Hudspeth

would love a full version


What program or tools do you use to make the animations?


Where the final?