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Marin was heading to Gojo's house so he could take her body measurements. When she arrived, she found a magazine full of foot fetish content. Curious, she decided to try out some of the positions on Gojo, eager to see his reaction as she explored her newfound interest.

My plan was to release the complete animation, but I need to fix some details, like shadows, lighting, and the environment, which will take a few more days. So I decided to release it in parts and work on other animations that are more delayed/older and those from the poll.

Upcoming animations: Delta and Gama, Micaiah,  Yuri, Gta online executive Assistant, Android 18. Adult Neptune, Byleth, Squigly, Marin Kitagawa, Frieren. Cocotte DBS, GBang FJ, Shuten Douji.

All subscribers who wants "scene data" must have DISCORD connected to Patreon. Scene data are in Discord with rotating passwords (for security). You will automatically enter the channel; if not, don't hesitate to message me. Thank you!

Mega: https://mega.nz/file/sskVhA7J#FQJHEOpLS-YAtyV4Tz0-iYJcj9FfiYp84EWBSeATmcg

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amazing work! by the way,hoshino ai in the future plans?


with a sandal..so good love it !!