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Final product post 

Novembers reward for Patreon Leaf!

Feat. their favorite OC Leafa the autumn leafeon getting drilled by two lucario bois Luke (Right) and Riley (Left)

  • 1- Early sketch: Drawing the poses for this one is hard, mostly because of the size difference between the characters, so It takes me a while to get the hang of the posing for Luke.
  • 2- Early sketch 2: The 2nd attempt at Luke also looked awkward so I discarded it, ending up with the picture.
  • 3- Sketch: Finally I get a better idea of how to go for the posing, ending up with the sketch in question.
  • 4- Lineart: I add the clean linart on top of the sketch
  • 5- Final Lineart: I draw all the remaining details needed for the sketch!
  • 6- Flat Colors: Then I color all the different sections with the basic colors needed for each character.
  • 7- Gradients: I add a light and dark gradient to each color.
  • 8- Shading: I draw shadows and highlights in 3 separate layers (all colored)
  • 9- Extras: I draw the bodyfluids in.
  • 10- Effects: Last but not least I add some visual effects!



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