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Final product post 

August reward for patreon Leaf!

Feat. their Lucario OC Riley having some fun with Alli (a friend OC) along with some binding chains!

  • 1- Sketch: The basic rough sketch was divided into 3 sections one for each character and one for the background.
  • 2- Lineart: I draw the clean lineart for each character separately.
  • 3- Fixed lineart: Then I fix the penis lineart (yes the peen has it's own layer) after revising it.
  • 4- Flat colors: Then I fill in all the lines with the proper colors and patterns needed for each design.
  • 5- Background bases: Then comes the early stages of the background, a wall, a floor and a table, all drawn with simple flats.
  • 6- Background details: On top of each element I draw the proper details (not too strong) to make everything look more or less decent.
  • 7- Gradients: Every color gets a lighter and darker shade to them to add more depth.
  • 8- Shading: Then come a set of highlights and shadows with different transparencies and layer settings.
  • 9- Visual effects: Then come the glowing effects and some extra shadows. 
  • 10- Extra stuff: And last but not least I add the final touches!



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