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Final product post 

July reward for patreon Etherkree!

Feat. their two most liked OCs, Colossa (right) and Alyssa (center), hanging out with Hannah (left) at the beach!

  • 1- Sketch: First I draw every single sketch for each character separately, and then align them or resize them depending on where I need them to be.
  • 2- Lineart: With the sizes and positions decided, I draw the clean lineart for all of them!
  • 3- Flat colors: Then I fill in the lines with the basic colors needed for each design.
  • 4- Color tweaks: On a later revision I change the color of Colossa's bikini and add the missing pattern in the chest for Alyssa.
  • 5- Shading: Then I add the highlights and shadows for the scene.
  • 6- Background bases: Now I move in to the background, adding the basic flat bases for each section of it.
  • 7- Background details: Then over each flat base I add all the necessary details to all the objects.
  • 8- Env. Shadows + Bg extras: Now I put everything together and make the characters and bg objects cast proper shadows on the sand.
  • 9- Visual effects: Last but not least I apply some glow and color correction to fit the setting!



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