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I've been silent for a whole month now. That's mainly because I've been thinking who I should lewd next, and I honestly haven't been feeling motivated to lewd anyone for a fan animation.

So I think I'll start focusing on animations with original characters/ideas. I'll only do fan animations if there's a character I really wanna do.
This might mean longer animations that take longer to finish too rather than forcing myself to finish short animations consistently.
Honestly, I just want to do whatever I feel like doing atm rather than having a concrete format/schedule.

I'll be giving info on the next animation I'll be doing shortly.



As long as you enjoy doing it then go for it!


Sounds good! I'm sure many of us also support your reaper games and thus enjoy your original characters too, so I don't think many would complain. Have fun ❤️


Whatever you'll do we'll enjoy it, so keep up the good work ma man <3 (tho if you like a suggestion, Midna with your style sounds awesome)


Do what you feel. Im just along for the ride

Altina Orion

I love all your works, I just hope to see Mysha come back


You doing what you really want to do is the most important part! And longer animations with the passion we know you have will be awesome just keep us updated with Ideas you’re having or some Wips We are here to support you!!