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Short hair

OG long hair

The new model I'm using now. I'm trying to recreate the Botw art style. Even if you don't read the rest of this post, tell me what you think about this model and the the art style.

Update for game

Thank you to those to tested out my game. I got alot of positive feedback, and it seems that it works well on most peoples computer. Honestly, I sat there waiting for some guy with a crappy computer to tell me how it works on a low end computer. Then I realise that most of you guys are into video game girls, so of course all of you guys are gamers and have pretty good computers. Thats awesome, later I might try to increase the quality of the video and post another test.

Update for the poll

A lot of feedback from the poll as well. As expected, Dva got the highest vote. And of course I'll keep posting Dva until I get ban, or overwatch porn becomes irrelevant (which could be a long time considering overwatch 2 is coming out).

2B is the second highest, so she might be the next best girl if Dva content fails, which is fine with me; 2B is bae. I'm happy to see how high Marie Rose is up on this Poll. I'd probably make more of her regardless of how well she did on the polls, but it makes it easier knowing a lot of you guys like her as well. Zelda is also best girl, so I want to make some content with her, But I need figure out a way to hide it from nintendo. Others like Lara, Ciri, etc. also did well, So I'll consider them when the time comes.

Whats coming up

Next original thing I want to release is Botw zelda stuff. But it's taking a bit longer than I hoped, so I don't know if i can get it out by the end of the month or even the beginning of the next one. I want this animation to be just a bit longer than usual.

I'm also trying to re-render 'Dva fan service' in 1080p and 60fps. Also '2B gets a little lonely sometimes'. I might also go back and add hair onto some of my older shooting star Dva animations. Might release some of these at the end of the month if I don't release the Zelda animation in time.

Afterwards, either I'll finish my game, or a new shooting star Dva animation. Or I might start another Zelda animation? I'll decide when The time comes.



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