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  • goldmary 3.mp4



Gumroad link for the interested!


Holy shit, this set took so much longer than I wanted.

I got way too ambitious and tried to animate an entire sequence for Sorceress (the laying/spooning version) I gave up cause it's way out of my league right now 😅😅 So I scrapped that and made the simple doggy version because its easier to animate. For reference I did the doggy in 1 day (drawing + animation) but obviously I already learned a few tricks by this point. It could be better but I just wanna move on cause the spooning version took me a good 2 weeks and ended up with terrible results lol

I'm not quite that good at animating yet, but man I'm starting to envision how I want to animate the Rhea Emerald Dawn stuff. Some of them are very complex because some of them involve dancing, which is like the hardest shit to animate, but goddamit I'm gonna do it if it's the last thing I do 😁

Anyway, I'm still behind Patreon rewards but hopefully things will pick up from now(?) now that I'm out of animation hell arc haha. I'll try to be more active and reduce the gaps between posts and draws!

Here's a bonus Goldmary. I started with this one then I worked on Sorceress, but when I went back to this I didn't feel like finishing it so I scrapped it and drew a different one. Bonus bonus: I attached the timelapse!

Thank you guys for all your support!




Is there any Iris Heart in the works..?


Not at the moment, but I may go back to some old ones and try animating one of those? I'm in an animation arc right now and wanna grind so I may just do that.

Sky Scavenger

Love that image of Goldmary in an apron. Really nailed the "mommy" aesthetic there Sendo (is that what you were going for?). And Sorceress is just all kinds of hot, I always liked the "sexy witch" aesthetic; never played Dragon's Crown, but I certainly see a lot of fan art for her (and Amazon), and yours is up there with the greats. Keep it up man! Hope to see more from you soon!