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[Note: Two PDFs attached.
The "abridged" version is missing the 10-page Ethan/Lady K-as-Kento sex scene. This is for folks who would like to read the comic for the story, or maybe aren't into  futas... but to be fair, neither is Ethan!]

I must first apologize for being so quiet.
Tauna Thunderchest made a big splash in December, then I followed my heart and started working on Issue 3 of my VAM comic over the holidays. That turned into over a solid month of solid work, and with a comic, there's precious little WIP you can show without giving too much away.  

I also hope you'll forgive me for the project itself! If you are frustrated by the lack of in-VAM content, please let me know and I'll be happy to refund you for the past month. This comic is easily my least popular content, in general, but who knows - maybe I've finally un-amateured enough to break that trend?

I feel this was a groundbreaking issue for me in several ways, I got a bit of outside help with writing and I also let myself use some other tools to spice up the visuals a bit.
So, I hope you get at least a fraction of the enjoyment reading it that I had making it. And also just a fraction of the exhaustion... 

And now, back to new VAM character work! =D




My initial reaction was, "Okay, Cool. This is not for me, but fine. I paid for it, I guess." Then I found myself transported back to the old HeavyMetal/Metal Hurlant magazine days. I could totally see this as fitting right in. I laughed more than a few times and was touched at least once. Respect! Didn't see that coming. A worthy endeavor :)


Wow, thank you so much!! I don't think anyone could say anything nicer about it than that. I'd quote this on the advertising, you know, if there was advertising! 😄