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  • Monkia Self-Aware Waifu Pregnancy Interactive.mp4



Don't worry, it's hardly as spoopy as that thumbnail seems XD

Available for download in the attachments and below!!

Dropbox Link: 


Links to D.A (Even though flash no longer plays there anymore, must be downloaded): https://sta.sh/215wpgt4401o?edit=1

Remember in order to have swfs be playable on your desktop without a browser, follow anyone these links!: 

SWF File Player

A Guide about how to get the Flash Desktop Player

A WaybackMachine Link straight to the Flash Desktop Player Download!

Another Official Adobe Method if others don't work! (Includes Mac and Linux variants)

Wow I really put a lot into this one! I am exhausted! I hope you guys enjoy! Been training an animation assistant and while I was waiting for them to return some assets I added a few special things!  I felt like I had good fun exploring the theme on this one... Considering it was a character I didn't know, I slowly began to fall in love with their plight. Maybe you will too ^_^

Again, currently pretty winded so I'll be resting for a bit. I worry sometimes about setting a new standard or expectation just for putting some extra work in and people will demand higher standards generally. Just something I hope people are aware of. I am human. When I do go the extra mile, it's just a nice treat that happens for whatever reason. One upping myself every time will lead to burn out definitely. >.<That said possibly breaking in March. If I can have adequate breaks, then going all out could result in bigger projects possibly. It seems like this new animator assistant is working out as well, which might give me time for some bonus goodies in the future too! ^_^ 

Just the nature of animation ^^ That aside, there were some amazing moments making this too. Lots of fun exploring this theme and what I could be done.

New Polls up tomorrow! Rest for me now. Thank you all! 

For cheats and how to avoid the jump scare, go here!: https://sta.sh/01cx4ao8vo0c



Nicholas Tan

This is awesome! Honestly, this might sound selfish, but I honestly hope that most, if not all of your future works could be as good as the Uzaki-chan one. That was the one that brought me to your patreon. Take as long a break as you need. Don't burn yourself out. We all love you and your content Lusty!


Tip for those like me who still play the interactives: the linked .swf file is actually a zip archive despite the file extension, so it won't load correctly into a swf player. You need to unzip it first then load the file inside.


Personal suggestion/request if I may gib option to headpat in future interactives plz ;-;


plz, these girls are working so had, they deserve some headpats.

Dark Desires

Bet it was fun doing something with fake glitches, hahaha


I recall you said you weren't very familiar with Monika. Definitely didn't seem like that here cuz you nailed her right down to the glitches! 🤩


Oh my gosh, this was AH-MAY-ZING! Every time you release a new animation I always say it’s your best yet, and it’s always true 💗 Please never push yourself too hard, we understand the pressure you must feel to put out something we’ll like, but we love everything you put out and want you to be able to relax and not stress yourself ^^🐳✨


Somehow you always top yourself, this is one of your best ever!


I think they're suggesting you have to pull the swf file out of the zip file then load that file into the desktop swf player. It won't work if it is still in the zip file and needs to be extracted


well, the stash link doesn't work anymore.


Yes it must be downloaded then played on the desktop using one of the desktop players linked. Be sure to unzip the file so it is playable: http://www.swffileplayer.com/


Fantastic work! I agree with the other comments, this is one of your best yet! It was authentically eerie, I actually got goose bumps. o_0 Enjoy your rest!


This is everything I want out of a yandere character.


No, no, I mean the sta.sh link you have when clicking to download said file doesn't exist. The other link works, so i guess it's fine, but I was just letting you know the first link is broken.


Is it the 404 error thing? I have heard some people have had this problem.it seems random. You can also download the swf from the attachments beneath the description. I restashed it just to test: https://sta.sh/0d56sjpuqun


Thank you Dim! Your narrative based animations are a big source of inspiration! XD I'm so tired!! Will do!^^

Lusty (edited)

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2021-07-13 20:11:56 Thank you so much &lt;3
2021-01-19 17:54:09 Thank you so much <3

Thank you so much <3


it was cool! i loved the jumpscare too! thanks for this work.



Tom Titov

This is absolutely wonderful work. Your dialogue was super spot on and the passion she describes and that she is very much enjoying making yourself this way is a great touch. Absolutely love it:) I also really like that it doesn’t really end you can keep going through. This was one of the things I loved about the Zelda themed one you did a while back and one of the things that made me come up with the idea for the groundhog day scenario.


kinda wish she was nude but i honestly cant complain


monika sealed in flash forever.


Hope it will get a sequel although I doubt my personal favorite fetish you will do which is fine I understand


People are always welcome to comment what they'd like to see ^^


Well I absolutely love bursting hell I will pay extra to see it but I don’t know if your ok with it


Sorry I won't be doing that in the future I am afraid. All the best!


No problem just excited to see if cheelai wins the upcoming poll I doubt it but a guy can hope

Tired Pro

The script for this one was so good, you really nail certain aspects of this kink in ways that few others do!


That's very flattering to hear, thank you! ^_^ The emotional aspects are what do it for me anyway haha


I love when your characters acknowledge that the viewer is into bellies, in a supportive way. I've experienced a lot of shame before, so it really warms my lil heart and helps me feel normal ;w;


Indeed! I've been there too. After awhile, who cares lol It's perfectly natural, I hope you feel welcome here ^_^