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Tamanna is a requested darker skin loli, an Indian imo so her name became Tanamma.

Under Plan A > Tamanna Devi > Images, you'll find a set of images of hers from the beach. Solo and with Arnold.

Under Plan B > Tamanna Devi, you'll find a video from Molly's Interactive Scene but Molly's been switched with Tamanna (to see some of her details better in action).

Under Plan C > VAM models > Tammana Devi, you'll find her var.

2 extra vids from an Influencer are under Plan B > XXX Random Stuff

It's Nella with Kaia spying on a teen boy* jerking off etc etc... :)

Thank you mate!

*The Boy is made by an talented artist named Iber. His name is Savvas.

Thank you Iber for leting me use him!




Nice to see some diversity, I would love to see asians/latinas in the future also ^^ Tamanna is really cute. Her green/grey eyes looks great with her dark skin.


Wauw, excellent work!


The shota/loli stuff is going to be hot. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.,,,I could imagine some lucky adult teaching a young pair some "lessons".


Great work, again. Savvas looks like a promising addition!