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She needs to learn somehow, right?

Plan A and B users check Animations and Stills folders. I updated them.

Plan C users have a model and an early access scene.

The vid and the scene have no sound yet, sorry guys i was so excited to share, so I will update soon if you want me to continue with this.

Have fun!

(fyi: next post will update links as well)



Yes please , continue with Glinda she's really cute :)


Wow Dorothy was already so fucking cute but she got an awesome little angel as a sister, hope to see some action with her and dad!


I updated PlanA and PlanB folders with the videos of this story's intro. Hope you like it so far guys, feedback is welcomed. PlanC users give me a little more time to make those scenes playable. Enjoy...


You're getting better each time at mouth/lip/teeth placement around dicks. And better with simulating human emotion/interaction with what is going on (e.g. eye movements, subtle body part movements here-and-there) I can't wait for the full scene for those extra Glinda clips!


Thank you. I updated the links and the files. Hope you like em...


Yea your the best but i have plan c Support for your great clips but can't see or download the please help


Hi there. Sorry for late perly. Plan C has no extra videos access (most of the time at least), the tier is for vr scenes and has also access to plan A and B folders. You must folow the link provided at the main posts page to access those (yours should say PLAN C). Hope this helps a bit, if you still have problems PM me.


Yo gimme access Plan A