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Half a month into 2022 and 2 main projects are already confirmed!

Actually i started one of them a couple of months back but still.

The first one is "Mark Your Kiss"! A story about a lucky guy with an oppai loli girlfriend. This is the first part of a 2 part series. Despite not being confirmed yet, it's probable i'll be able to animate the second part too. And what's more! If that happens, i might be able to animate even more of Hirobi's stories! (Just speculating though, nothing confirmed except for MYK)

The second project is the second episode of Animal girl hotline! Last year was the year of the cow so we did Bell, this one is the year of the tiger, so it just make sense Nia is the next one on line!

The schedule:

More or less by mid 2022, MYK should be released, turns out it is almost 50% done already! Dpending on the result i might be able to animate the second episode which COULD be released at the end of the year too! Either then or at the beginning of 2023.

Animal girls hotline 2 will be released most likely in christmas as well as Bell's episode, since this story is more complex and takes more time to finish.

You guys are really understanding but i want you to know that because of this is that animations and overall content has slowed down recently. A lot of talk and deals had to be done in order to achieve this and is a really tiring process despite just being talk.

I have to direct the background artist, i have to pick the voice actors, i have to animate, i have to update the creators i also have an actual schedule, etc, etc...

I'm also working on "leveling up" my animation skills wich leads to a lot of unfinished sketches (which i don't post) and due to this difference in animation i actually might not be able to continue certain parody animations, instead i'll have to replace them or start from scratch.




Do what you gotta do king, we’ll survive a small drought of smut when there’s already a metric fuck ton of content on this page already 👍🏿Can’t wait to see both (possibly all 3) animations once they’re done


My birth year is tiger 👌


Are there any plans to continue the MHA cumdump series?


So more huge tits...


Hope to see the rent a girlfriend animations continue!


What about Eri stuff?


the only open project regarding eri is the mini manga and it's not an animation, so that stays as is


Was Tamamo NTR dropped?


looking forward to it, there's a severe lack of neko hentai animation