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Yes, I was playing new Zelda. XD

But also, behind the curtain, Me and some of my friends have been working on some new big project together recently.

And yes, I got permission to post this for future advertisement :^)

-------In a very rough concept planning stage-------

------------------Gameplay Concept--------------------

Something like Rougelite + Customizable Dice game

More like a Slay of Spire but instead of cards, it uses dices

Not only a normal dice like 123456, but you can get procedurally generated dices like 111666 or 333444. And You can customize & upgrade dices in progress.

Roll the dice and choose whether to attack or defend based on the number rolled


Yeah, We're going to make a game. Totally SFW :^)

The project has hardly made any progress yet tho,

There are still many things to improve or add in the planning stage.

I think we will start focusing on the project around late this year.

Gotta make a company, budget and such so there is a lot to do :3

I'm still going to draw personal works for followers and supporters regulary so no worries!

If there are any updates or changes in the project, I'll post and let you know.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion!




Can't wait to see what comes out of this!


Honestly looks really cool, definitely something I would play. Best of luck!